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Extra Thoughts and notes on the dance Akrovatis arising from the background noise in the recording that inspired the dance "Akrovatis (Nea Smirni 2009)"

The background noise in the live recording of Akrovatis by Giannis Haroulis is indeed the background noise of chat picked up as a result of being recorded amidst the audience, but it also can serve to play a role in the ‘story of the dance that I made for it.


The acrobat here is one who moves beyond the distractions of 'the world' by focussing or listening to a stillness within - from which comes balance and movement. (The chatter of the 'world' becomes a fading background noise, but will seem to become distracting or meaningful to the attention that focuses on it).


So to discern the call of Truth or Spirit in the heart and bring the mind still and the heart attentive is served by not engaging or resisting the distraction chatter but to become one pointed or single in desire. This is a transcendence of self doubt, awkwardness or self conscious division - and expresses as an equipoise that is found in the silence that is in place - right where the very conditions may seem to 'prove' duality; the separations of mind and body, heart and mind, self and world, self and other, self and life, etc etc.


The grace of such a vision - is that it is free or already here - but habitually overlaid with the chatter and story of self experience. When we begin to recognise this, is when a direct experience of life breaks through in our lives despite the (unconscious) mechanisms that suppress it. That can often be associated with dramatic episodes because the mind is yet engaged in polarity. Yet at some point the nature of the joy becomes self aware - there is a peace in it - and a sense of being that is not oppositional or reactive - but moves out of its own creative freedom - with and as an expression of the whole.

The holding of the poise and balance in the dance is the arriving at the stillness that turns in intimate infinite embrace as the expression of its nature. (For infinite, read 'nothing excluded and nothing withheld', and for intimate, read it as your heart bids you).


These ideas happen to be the same as the Easter story. (I first introduced this dance into the network as an Easter dance contribution). We have grown identity in 'the world' and we generally are dearly attached to it as a special sense of self, which we protect and act out within a continual sense of opposition and adversity that we at least temporarily come to manage - in some way that could be expressed as 'the devil we know'.

Jesus knew the voice of separate self will - but chose not to validate it and instead grew the discernment in the heart that he called the Father's Will - or love's perspective. This brought him to a willingness to release self will altogether - and this became the act of love in which he recognized all things in love - in God - in intimate infinite embrace. To Jesus, 'all things' revealed the Father’s love because he had entirely relinquished the self-will of judgement - in which there would instead have been ‘much distracting noise’ - like soldiers drawing lots over his clothes or his mother standing aghast - but his attention was given at its root to see only as love sees - regardless of such presentations of hate and fear. So he gave up the mind that thinks it is exclusively defined and limited in a body, defined by the past, and made by an unknown fearful god - that created and deserted it - or punishes it. And this 'giving up' was the acceptance of a unified and infinite love.


So the recording with the noise can be an extra dramatic prop in the sense of balancing above the world - where following distraction will cause a ‘fall’ or loss of connection. And the gesture of inclusion can emanate from a singularity of purpose that holds the fullness of its expression without a 'someone' trying not to wobble.


But - I also sing it for dance and have no such noise! - and I also use other recordings as well that do not have background noise. The way of walking with spirit has to be a way that doesn't get obsessive, possessive or self protective - but out of a gentle spirit that allows joy to be itself and lets all things serve a unified purpose.